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Gwendolyn W.

A Woman who knows her True Worth and Purpose, She’s a Force To Be Reckoned With! Do you know your Purpose and how important it is? Do you know how to obtain it and function in it effectively? Do you  know your Worth, how Powerful, Amazing and Valuable you really are? Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of? If not, have you ever asked yourself why and what's holding you back?


These questions only come to mind when a Woman is ready to face herself, make a serious change, It’s Her Time and her Purpose is about to be unleashed! In every Woman there’s a Hidden Treasure anxiously awaiting to be revealed and that Hidden Treasure is called your Purpose. Do you know there are so many destinies, dreams, goals and even books never written in the grave? You see life tried to wear Gwendolyn out, make her quit and just give up, live in shame and life really tried to bury her Hidden Treasure! Along the journey, there was a time when Gwendolyn didn't know who she was, her Purpose or Worth! She was extremely lost, so broken, all hope was gone and she got to a point where she didn't care about anything and she just wanted to die!

Gwendoyn’s Mysterious and Unbelievable Journey!

Gwendolyn was molested at age 15, had a battle with drugs, almost lost her freedom to the federal penitentiary, had a great career, owned property and a half million dollar home, luxury cars and Gwendolyn had everything a Woman desired and only dreamed of! Gwendolyn lost it all! She was in horrible relationships, same Men but different names!


She divorced twice, well actually three times because she married the same Man twice. Gwendolyn was clinically depressed and dealt with major anxiety! She carried such a heavy burden of shame and private pain that literally paralyzed her! She felt like such a failure and Gwendolyn would put on this huge facade because she didn't want anyone to know what she was actually going through, the damage incurred and just how much pain she was really in! 


Gwendolyn wish she could say she had an epiphany, that aha moment where she just woke up, snapped out of it and instantly everything got so much better. That wasn't her story! Gwendolyn went through a living hell and God Himself had to send messengers, a multitude of wise counsel to pull her out of darkness because she couldn't do it by herself! She was a mess and a train wreck but after a lengthy process of being told the truth, finally facing herself and taking responsibility, Gwendolyn could clearly see that she had a lot of work to do! After Extensive Mentorship, So Much Quiet Time, Reflection, Prayer and Meditation, Counseling, and Higher Learning, she discovered that her perspective was all wrong! Gwendolyn was so embarrassed about her past and what she was going through that she didn't even realize she was being processed and prepared for the future.


Gwendolyn went from Pain to Purpose but first she had to go through an intense Transformational Boot camp to prepare her To Be Used! Gwendolyn discovered that her life of hell wasn't the end but it created a Powerful Space For a New Beginning! She had actually Survived and Overcome the most difficult times one could ever imagine, which Qualified her and Mandated a responsibility to help other Women. Gwendolyn is very sensitive to a Woman's pain because she's been in their shoes on many levels! Broken once, you can only help one person, broken many times, you can help and relate to an entire nation!


Gwendolyn has helped Countless Women out of painful, unhealthy and unproductive situations, moving them into a place of Peace, Productivity, Magnifying their Courage, Strength, Confidence, Boldness, Success and Much Prosperity! Shifting their Mindset, Resurrecting Dreams, Goals and Vision with effective foundational tools, making Women feel alive again or for the very first time!


There's a message in every mess, a testimony in every test and valuable Lessons Learned because of the journey we've traveled and people can't wait to hear our Amazing Life Changing Stories!


So don't be ashamed of your past or present because it was so necessary, the prerequisite and cultivation process prior to presenting your Gift, Purpose and Testimony to the world! The impartation of Value, Experience and Wisdom Gwendolyn acquired throughout her Pain to Purpose journey is Priceless! Gwendolyn would literally go through every heartache all over again because that mysterious and painful process is the cause of her being the Amazing Woman she is today!


Gwendolyn is Healed, she's an Overcomer and she understands The Power of Pain and Trauma and how to use it as fuel to move you into your Next Level! The more you suffer and the more you fail, the more Powerful you are and with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility! We’re required to Give Our Life Away and completely share it with others. Survival creates a Mantle of Leadership, our privacy and our stories are no longer ours and we have no right to keep it to ourselves! Many lives are depending upon it, Our Voices Matter and they need to be heard! 


The world is so over people being fake, they're tired of facades and masks and they're desperate for Transparency, Truth and Authenticity! It's time we all set ourselves free by coming out of hiding and personal incarceration! Isolation of the mind is called Big Trouble because we really need each other! One important factor, PLEASE DON'T TRY TO GO THROUGH ALL OF YOUR TRAUMA BY YOURSELF, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Gwendolyn had several Mentors, so much Wise Counsel but if she hadn't revealed her shame and private pain to them, she never would’ve begun her Powerful Journey To Healing! LET GWENDOLYN HELP YOU!


Yes, we made mistakes, our lives aren't perfect, no, we weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths, we did some things we're not proud of to keep up a certain Image and our past is grimy and not pretty at all but You're Unstoppable because if your past didn't stop you, nothing else will! Your gift has gone through a cultivation process, planting an impartation of wisdom for the Purpose of a Harvest designated for Serving Others! Gwendolyn has the foundational tools to unleash your Powerful Purpose and Prosperity in Life and Relationships! BOOK GWENDOLYN, THE TRANSFORMATIONAL SPEAKER, CHANGING THE LIVES OF WOMEN BY BRINGING OUR THE BEST IN THEM, THEIR PURPOSE!

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